Community / Coworking

Our coworking community is located right on the cliffs in the north of Tenerife and provides with its spectacular views a wonderful living condition with people from around the world, focussing on personal development and World Peace. 

Our vision of a coworking community is becoming reality. The first ones arrived, so that a small community of like-minded people gradually emerges in the "Butterfly Garden Jardín Mariposa", parallel to our previous offers. For everyone who would like to live together with others without giving up their privacy, this project is certainly very forward-looking, especially in today's world of global challenges - the power of the community of like-minded people.

Our guiding principle: "Unity in Diversity"

It can be a longer stay or a long-term living.

Our large seminar room, glazed towards the ocean, is a wounderful place for yoga, meditation and group activities.

And especially during the pandamic, our facility with more than 8.000 square meters is ideal place to keep your distance.

If you are interested, please contact us, so that we can exchange further details.
Tel. (0034) 652 211 282 (WhatsApp or Telegram)


We strive to cover the following areas in our project:

  • Dance, movement,

  • Relaxation & well-being, holistic treatments / massages

  • Yoga & meditation

  • Music, sound & voice

  • Personality development

  • Love, family & partnership

  • Diet & Ayurveda

  • Healing, spirituality

  • Naturopathy / Orthomolecular Medicine

  • Ecology / climate protection & sustainability

  • psychology

We are also happy to welcome people who, among other things, provide the following talents:

  • craft skills

  • digital competence

  • Love for the garden and nature

  • general practical skills

Our coworking community is based on the following values:

  • Mutual respect and acceptance for the uniqueness and dignity of everyone

  • Mindfulness for our nature with all living beings

  • Interest in sustainability

  • Growing together and joyful together

  • Openness and willingness to communicate honestly, clearly and constructively together, also to treat different opinions with respect

  • Self-regulating in personal freedom, closeness and distance

  • Both space for silence and retreat as well as for inspiring exchange and in-depth discussions

  • Our motto: unity in diversity!

Let us revive together in our coliving comunity the human values, which enable a meaningful life in mindfulness, love, dignity, humanity, solidarity and respect for our environment! This way we can experience and share with others that peaceful and sincere coexistence is possible on this beautiful planet Earth - in a place of unity. 


Here you can also see how our vegetables grow.

Our own organic cultivation is the basis for a healthy and balanced whole food diet.