Petra Klein

Petra Klein has been a clinical psychologist MA and psychotherapist (BDP) since 1980.  She qualified as a dance therapist in the USA in 1982 and  is one of the pioneers of the dance therapy movement in Europe.  She lives in the Canaries, on the volcanic island of Tenerife, Spain, where she accompanies people along the path that unfolds their personalities. She is the director of the "International Institute for Dance Therapy IIDT" on Tenerife. There she conducts inspirational seminars, educational training, coaching and individual therapeutic and healing work and inspires people through various dance events.

By invitation she also presents her work in other countries.

She lectures at the University of Hamburg, Germany and at the University of Zürich, Switzerland.
As founder and director from 1983 to 1994 of the "Institut für Tanztherapie Hamburg ITTH" in Hamburg,
Germany, she was actively involved in getting dance therapy established in Germany.

She is the author of three books on the subject of dance therapy and "Dance of Life", a video and the especially composed music "Dance of Life" which inspires self-expression (see publications).

She has been actively  engaged in the international application of her holistic vision for many years, presenting her approach on TV channels and radio stations, as well as at training seminars, medical and psychology congresses and other types of conventions. She is also engaged in contributing to dance festivals and presenting her special choreographies.

Petra Klein
Director, International Institute for Dance Therapy IIDT - Canary Islands, Hamburg, Düsseldorf
M.A., Clinical Psychology, emphases on Humanistic, Depth and Transpersonal Psychology, Dance therapist R-DMT/USA, BDT/ Germany, Supervisor and Trainer Therapist (BDT), Director and founder of the seminar center "Jardín Mariposa".



Psychology Lectures   

  • University of Hamburg, Germany
  • University of Zürich, Switzerland

Published Author

 "Dance Therapy - An Introduction"

 "Dance Therapy - The Path to Holistic Being"

 "Dance of Life"


Petra Klein offers the following:

Petra Klein works with adults, children, families and couples individually and in groups.
People from many countries work with Petra Klein on Tenerife for a specific period of time in a compact way
(for example 1-2 weeks or just for some days).



Please feel free to call in order to make individual arrangements for: 

  • Individual Personality Counselling
  • Verbal Psychotherapy and Dance Therapy
  • Burn-Out Therapy and Stress Prevention
  • Family Constellation Work
  • Special Seminars for Men
  • Dream Analysis
  • Individual and Group-Supervision Coaching
  • Training seminars for executives, companies and business teams

Petra Klein presents her approach also at medical and psychology congresses and other types of
conventions. Her presentations always include experiential exercises and dialogue.
She tunes into the conference energy and dynamics which culminates in the whole audience participation.

She is also engaged in contributing to dance festivals and presenting her own choreographed "Dance of Life".

If you are interested in Petra Klein's contribution to any kind of conference event or other presentation,
please contact IIDT Petra Klein

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