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PCR test / antigen test for the return journey

Prices: PCR test € 90,     Antigen test € 35
With a doctor in Puerto de la Cruz. We are happy to reserve an appointment for our guests.


Good News:

The Canary Island of Tenerife currently has the lowest corona values in Spain and is therefore one of the few spots on earth in Europe where daily life is still relatively normal. Restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. are open, masking is only required in public areas. (As of February 1, 2021)  

Especially in the time of the pandemic, our area with its 8000m2 is ideally suited to have enough personal space and at the same time to feel cared for or integrated with the other people on site. More and more people are attracted to our little paradise by the energizing nature in which our butterfly garden with its unique meditation garden is embedded. The longing of many people to have a view of the endless expanse of the Atlantic and the confident volcanic energy of our Teide in the current time of restrictions can become reality at our special place of power.

We are currently living worldwide in times of Corona with great personal and collective challenges. It is particularly important at the moment to keep your inner balance in order not to fall into fear, panic, aggression or resignation. 

Bundling our strengths is particularly important in today's world of global challenges - the strength of the community of like-minded people in the sense of "unity in diversity".
We are all asked to vigilantly and consciously accompany the global transformation processes that are taking place worldwide and actively, conscious of our shared responsibility, to help shape the new society during the pandemic.

The union of people who want to protect our freedoms and human rights and are committed to climate protection and sustainability at all levels is extremely important right now.

However, this process should be peaceful and free from violence so that we do not reinforce what we do not consider worthy of support. Non-violent activists in our history such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela etc. shape our worldview. For this Dr. Martin Luther King:

“Darkness cannot drive away darkness, only light can do it. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can. ”

In the context of this profound change on our planet Earth, we believe it is important to pave the way for our small community of like-minded people in addition to what we have offered so far. Here is more information about our Community Project, which starts on July 1st, 2020.

As before, we offer a daily offer tailored to your personal needs, which we can discuss individually if you are interested. In addition to this daily offer, we also offer seminars and training courses from time to time. More information under "The journey to yourself!" and Dates. We are currently expanding these activities through digital offerings.

And more information about our "Butterfly garden Jardín Mariposa" on Tenerife at:
Welcome to Paradise!


We look forward to a healthy reunion or getting to know each other in our little paradise on Tenerife!

Petra Klein & team