Welcome to Jardín Mariposa

'Butterfly Garden'

"The Journey to Yourself"


The Butterfly Garden "Jardín Mariposa" is situated in an idyllic and secluded location on the cliffs overlooking the ocean in one of the few protected areas in the fertile north of Tenerife, 200 meters above sea level and surrounded by subtropical vegetation.

It is an oasis of peace and power offering a stunning panorama both of the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean and the fascinating mountains of Pico del Teide, Spain's highest mountain at 3,718 m.

In our subtropical garden paradise flowers and plants of all kinds flourish: palm trees, cacti, bougainvillea Cialis, hibiscus Generic Cialis, oleander, jasmine, roses, mangoes, papayas, persimmons, lemons, oranges, grapes, avocados...and of course lots and lots of red Monarch butterflies...

 "Jardin Mariposa, beloved place and the people who live in you. You have your assignment on earth...You are a gift to the people who come to you. You have the power to touch people in their depth and return them back to their true selves. We thank you for your love!"

(Marcell Engler, author of "Love's message to mankind")

Let yourself be touched by our little Paradise.